The Moviolas’ work is influenced by a range of media forms. Its main influence is cinema and specifically how cinema soundtracks combine music, dialogue and sound effects to create rich, evocative audio sequences. The ensemble’s music draws on these traditions to ‘liberate’ the soundtrack from serving images and narrative and allowing it to be the ‘primary text’. Grayson Cooke’s live visual improvisations then support the music – rather than the other way round.

The ensemble also draws on musical influences, especially those artists who have explored similar uses of sound composition in their own work. The following tracks inspired the imagination of our debut album ‘Dark Shadows’:


Kevin Ayers ‘Song from the bottom of a well’: 

Miles Davis ‘Bitches Brew’: 

Aphex Twin ‘Come to daddy’: 

A Guy Called Gerald ‘Voodoo Ray’: 

Demdike Stare ‘Haxan’:

The Velvet Underground ‘The Gift’:

Leftfield ‘Original’:

One Dove ‘Fallen’:


Inspiration also came in the form of a cluster of films made by Humphrey Jennings back in the 1940s in which the soundtrack is as – if not more – important than the visual tracks. ‘Listen to Britain’ exemplifies this:


Also check out the brilliant introduction to Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s ‘Matter of Life and Death’:





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